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Construction waste consists of unwanted material from waste originating from site such as dredging materials and rubble. Construction waste may contain lead, asbestos, or other hazardous substances.

Strategically located, near Middlesbrough and Peterborough, our treatment and disposal facilities receive materials from a wide range of land remediation, construction and demolition projects.

With extensive permits our ISO accredited facilities service the length and breadth of the UK and manage in excess of 80,000 tonnes of material with the ability to accept a wide variety of contaminants such as asbestos, hydrocarbons and radioactive material.

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Committed to maximising recovery and re-use of these waste streams, Augean has an active research and development programme investigating a number of options aiming to future proof the environmental impacts of hazardous materials.

At Augean dedicated account managers work with customers to select the best services to fit an individual construction project or respond to ongoing needs.

Whether you require full project management including sampling and analysis, excavation and logistics, or you simply wish to deliver your waste to us for treatment and disposal we will work with you to find sustainable, cost-effective and compliant solutions.


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