Project Description

Often redundant buildings and equipment are left untackled as there is insufficient time and resources to oversee items or areas that are out of use. 

Augean will arrange the cleaning of these redundant spaces and pieces of equipment, safely removing any items that are out of use. Augean can carry out a complete and thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surface and sub-surface infrastructure including storage tanks, lagoon and pipework cleaning. We also clean boilers, restoring operational performance without the need for expensive and inconvenient shutdowns.

For surface cleaning and preparation Augean use HP and UHP water jetting. These high-pressure water jets provide a fast and effective solution for removing debris and pollutants.

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Augean also offer effluent treatment plant cleaning. Sludge build-up in pits and wells at treatment plants can impact on the wastewater treatment process. Specialist machines are used to remove the sludge and clean the pits, flushing out all the material build-up that affects productivity.

Should asbestos be present on site, this can be removed from out-dated infrastructure and disposed of in a safe manner by Augean. If you require us to carry out an asbestos survey we can do so, or you may already have a survey and samples of hazardous material have been taken and independently analysed. We can then undertake either notifiable or non-notifiable asbestos removal that is fully compliant.

Common Waste Streams

  • Interceptor sludges and tank cleaning residues from infrastructure maintenance.
  • Redundant and remnant chemicals from dosing systems.
  • Asbestos wastes.
  • Lubricating and cutting oils from CNC installations and hydraulic systems.
  • Heavy Fuel Oils from heating systems.
  • Effluent sludges from water treatment plants.
  • Spent shot blast materials from surface preparation activities.
  • Fire extinguisher wastes as a result of vacating buildings – fixed system installations and handheld type.

Key Service Areas

  • Industrial Services – for plant decommissioning, tank and pipework cleaning, surface preparation or asbestos removal.
  • Asbestos – projects to remove this from aged buildings and property.
  • Specialist waste advice and categorisation.


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