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The need to ensure that the UK has energy security with a balanced energy mix including nuclear power is something which Augean sees as vital to a sustainable future.

It is therefore imperative that any legacy and future generated radioactive waste is safely, compliantly and efficiently treated and disposed of – that’s where we come in. Augean has been a key player in the development of waste treatment and disposal routes from the nuclear power and decommissioning sectors since it played a key part in the development of the UK’s National Policy & Strategy in 2007 and 2009.

As part of this Augean provides waste disposal and treatment services to both generating nuclear power stations and those which are now in the process of being decommissioned.

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Recognising the importance of managing this legacy of radioactive waste, generated when the UK was at the forefront on nuclear research, means we work closely with facilities such as Sellafield, Harwell, Winfrith, the wider Magnox fleet of power stations and Dounreay.

It is important to note that while media and public interest is largely focused on high-level radioactive material the clear majority (by several orders of magnitude) of nuclear waste, referred to as low-level waste (LLW), has only a small amount of radioactivity activity and is of low risk. It is this type of waste which Augean specialises in, offering a choice of treatment and disposal.


Case Studies

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