Project Description

Storage areas, warehousing and goods yards are very busy environments, with fast moving goods and vehicles.

In order to meet customer service levels, time is of the essence and delays of any kind need to be avoided at all costs. It does not take long for these areas to become cluttered, with valuable shelf or floor space being taken up by used packaging or out-dated stock. Often these areas can be overlooked in the waste disposal plan but a system is required to optimise internal processes and to avoid any mishaps with waste being in the way.

In order to help companies keep their warehousing on track, Augean offer a variety of services that enable the storage and logistics function to operate at maximum efficiency, reducing the amount of time lost by employees on more cost-effective tasks and maintaining high workflow levels.

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Augean can provide a variety of storage options depending on the type of waste, both internal and external. Collection and disposal of ‘process waste’ can be arranged with schedules to suit your business type.

To ensure optimum use of space, Augean will analyse, identify, remove and dispose of shelf-life expired and damaged goods.

To avoid cross-product contamination and to ensure general hygiene standards, Augean offer a variety of sanitising packages including the cleaning of surface and sub-surface infrastructure and storage tank and pipework cleaning. Should there be any asbestos remaining on site, this can be removed and disposed of.

Augean can also transport and dispose of waste and contaminated fuel and oil.

Key Service areas

  • Industrial Services for interceptor, drain and tank and pipework cleaning or asbestos removal.
  • Waste Treatment & Recycling for regular ‘process’ waste arisings.
  • Asbestos projects to remove this from aged buildings and property.
  • Waste Disposal for shelf expired items and damaged goods ex-warehousing.
  • HiPodTM for oily wastes ex-garage operation and vehicle maintenance.

Common waste streams

  • Interceptor sludges and tank cleaning residues from infrastructure maintenance.
  • Oily rags/filters/PPE from garage operations.
  • Waste fuels, oils and greases from garage operations.
  • Shrink wrap, pallet and banding wastes from warehousing and distribution.
  • Unidentified obsolete products and damaged goods from warehousing and distribution.
  • Shelf-life expired items from warehousing and distribution.
  • Regular ‘office’ wastes.


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