Project Description

Helping industries such as automotive, aerospace, racing, rail infrastructure and luxury pleasure cruising get control of their waste flow to hit ‘zero to landfill’ targets and drive cost from the business. Turn your waste into opportunity with Augean.

In an industry where sales levels can vary from month to month, waste can become unpredictable, but Augean can offer flexible support to respond within a changing environment and drive continual improvement across your entire waste lifecycle.  The way we partner is unique and we take time to understand every aspect of your business before exploring the waste challenges.

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To discuss your requirements in more detail contact our dedicated team on:

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It’s this very personal and detailed approach to partnership which has given us a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing manufacturing businesses today, so whether your focus lies in research & development, testing & analysis or production, our flexible team offers responsive support, hands-on expertise and efficient management to ensure supply chain integrity.

Key Areas

  • Single provider for all your waste requirements
  • Waste prevention advice
  • Capacity planning
  • Segregation training
  • Reduced movements on site
  • Increased recycling – in excess of 80% with some customers
  • Reliable and efficient collection
  • Health & Safety advice
  • On-site cleaning
  • All necessary regulatory paperwork


As a company looking for waste management services; searching for a new career or wishing to download documentation you’ll find what you need below: